About me – the history behind Anette’s Bed & Breakfast

Hello, my name is Anette – Welcome to my Bed & Breakfast on Falster!

The story of how I ended up Falster …

In autumn 2018 I had no idea where Falster was located. I had never been there, and I had absolutely no intentions to visit. In fact I had a very good life indeed in Copenhagen with a nice apartment and exciting job.

Then I went on a date… and now I live on Falster! :o)

Thankfully I have become quite in love with the island. There is plenty of fresh air, fantastic beaches, large woods, great beer and good food – and the people that live here are actually quite nice, too!

Falster is easy to reach since there are two ferries from Germany close by, motorway from the neighboring island Lolland and an easy drive up north to Zealand/Sjælland and Møn. The station here in Eskilstrup has good train connections to Copenhagen as well as the rest of the country. The train stops only a few hundred meters from the Bed & Breakfast every hour. The train to Nykøbing Falster, the main city on Falster, takes only 7 minutes.


Now I live in a cozy yellow wooden house, where I am a Bed & Breakfast hostess …


My story continues …

In spring 2020 Martin and I bought the lovely yellow swedish wooden house here on the edge of the small town Eskilstrup.

The house has plenty of space and I have a garden (and horse stable!) for the first time in my life.

– And thankfully the teenage rooms upstairs are absolutely perfect for a  Bed & Breakfast! The two rooms with a dining area and shared bathroom gave me the chance to make an old dream come true.

I always dreamed about a Bed & Breakfast one day – a holiday retreat that feels cosy and homey and where you get to talk to the other guests. That is the way I prefer to travel and I would love to share that experience with others. So after we had our own part of the house redecorated we started furnishing Annette’s Bed & Breakfast Falster, which opened in July 2020.

I have quite deliberately tried to keep the two rooms in “retro-summer house-seaside hotel”-style by, among other things, hanging reprinted old Swedish wallpaper on the walls.

We ARE in a swedish wooden house in the countryside!

You can read more about Falster, Lolland and the other southern islands in my blog.

When I am not a Bed & Breakfast hostess I work from home as a VA (virtual assistant), also called online freelancer. Partly I work as a translator from English to Danish, and partly I work as a copywriter where I help other companies with texts for Danish websites and blogs, as well as write and send their newsletters. 

Working from home means I am usually here if you would like to check in early.

I truly look forward to welcoming YOU on a “hyggelig” and cosy stay in Anette’s Bed & Breakfast!

Plenty of sunny greetings from