Bike holiday on Falster and the other Danish islands

Find out what you can experience on your cycling holiday on Falster, Møn and Zealand/Sjælland

It is certainly for a good reason that the islands of Falster, Bogø, Møn and southern Zealand/Sjælland are popular bike holiday destinations.

Here you can cycle in varied scenery on relatively short routes and island-jump your way through the many southern Danish islands.

From Falster you can bike across Bogø to Møn, and continue on to the southern part of Zealand/Sjælland and then loop back to Falster again – without ever getting near a motorway!

Please see my video for inspiration!

Practical Planning

Before you start to plan your bicycle holiday properly you must decide if you would like to bike with your luggage each day or not. The alternative is to have a permanent base where you stay overnight – or consider a combination where you leave the luggage at home for a day or two.

Here at Anette’s Bed & Breakfast you can bring your bike on the train and get off in Eskilstrup, and then use the village as a starting point.

You may visit the city of Nykøbing Falster one day, bike through the woods to cosy Hesnæs Harbor another day and visit Stubbekøbing and the small island Bogø a third day

There are 11 national bicycle routes in Denmark, where three of them pass through Lolland and Falster. 

Look at the options and pick your favorite part of the route. You may want to focus on a shorter part of the tour or combine the routes as it suits you best. Or create your own bike holiday route in Denmark!

You can see the national Danish bicycle routes on Visit Denmark’s website.

If you prefer to meet other international cycle tourists there are also several international cycle routes in Denmark.


You bike is of course safe and sound in our house – we have a closed double garage


International bicycle routes

The most popular international route is without doubt the bicycle route Berlin-Copenhagen.

The cycle route links the two capitals. In Denmark the route starts at the southernmost tip of Denmark, in Gedser. From here you will bike north along the Falster coast, continue with the tiny ferry Ida to the small island of Bogø, and from here the route continues across another island, Møn and north over Zealand/Sjælland to Copenhagen.

It is in particular the part of the bicycle route across the islands Falster, Bogø and Møn that is popular. The distances are short, the landscape is primarily flat, yet still diverse, and there are plenty of stops and scenic areas.

You can also choose to start your tour on Zealand/Sjælland and then make a loop via Falster and over Bogø with the ferry one way and the Storstrøms bridge to Vordingborg the other way.

The other international bicycle route is number 88, called Munkevejen or Mönschweg in German. It is a historical route which passes Lolland, Falster and Zealand/Sjælland.

The tour starts in Bremen in Germany and ends in Roskilde, west of Copenhagen. The Danish part begins in Rødby on the south coast of Lolland, where the ferry from Germany arrives. From here bicycle route 88 winds across most of the islands Lolland, Falster and Møn, north across the middle section of Sjælland/Zealand through the cities Næstved and Sorø, and finally ends in Roskilde.

The route stops at buildings and sights from the middle ages – which is the period in Denmark where most of our churches were built.

The third international bicycle route in Denmark which passes Falster is the EuroVelo 10. It is also called the ”Baltic Sea Cycle Route”, and this european bicycle route stretches along the entire Baltic coastline.

The Danish part of bike route EV 10 follows the southern coast of Denmark and begins in Southern Jutland/Jylland near the border to Germany. From here it is island hopping along a number of islands, like pearls on a string, all connected with ferries. Eventually you will arrive with the ferry from Langeland to Lolland. Then you have to steer the bicycle to Falster and from here it more or less follows the same track as the Berlin-Copenhagen bike route.


Would you like to hike or bike on your daytrips on the islands Lolland, Falster and Møn?


Let me know what you dream of and I will be more than happy to help you with daytrips of shorter or longer distances. There are plenty of options from shorter hiking trails of 2-5 km to longer bicycle routes starting and ending here at the Bed & Breakfast.



I am here to help you!

Should you have any questions regarding routes, attractions or other activities please do let me know!

Your bike is safe and sound here in the house – we have a double garage which is locked. And in the evening your tired legs can walk down the loke pizza restaurant or shop in the local mini-supermarket. Both places are only minutes away and open until 21.00.

I wish all the best out there on two wheels. And I look forward to welcoming you.

Happy bike holiday on Falster!